Other Prophets

  • Adam and Eve by Kamal al-Syyed [PDF]
  • Ambiya’ [Prophets of God] by QFatima [PDF]
  • At the Presence of Jesus Christ by Mohamed Hossein Shahri [PDF]
  • Diagram of Prophets by Play & Learn [PDF]
  • Hayatul Qulub – Vol. 1 – Stories of the Prophets by Sh. Muhammad Baqir al-Majlisi [PDF]
  • Hazrat Salman (ra) and the Prophets [PDF]
  • Jesus as the Word of God by Dr. Muhammad Legenhausen [PDF]
  • Jesus Christ Son of Mary by Zayn alAbidini alTarīmī [PDF]
  • Jesus Christ Was Not Crucified by Abdolfath Davati [PDF]
  • Jesus from the Point of View of Qur’an [PDF] 
  • Jesus on Ethics by WOFIS [PDF]
  • Jesus through Shiite Narrations Compiled by Mahdi Muntazir Qaim [PDF] – Alternate [PDF] – Alternate [PDF]
  • Jesus, Prophet of Islam by Mohammad Ata urRahim [PDF]
  • Man and Universe by Sh. Murtadha Mutahhari [PDF]
  • Mary and Jesus in Islam by Yasin T. Jibouri [PDF] – Alternate [PDF]
  • Men of God by IslamicOccasions [PDF]
  • Moral Characteristics of the Prophets – A Qur’anic Perspective by Mahnaz Heydarpoor and Sh. Mohammad Ali Shomali [PDF]
  • Moses verses Pharoah by Akhlaq Hussain [PDF]
  • Prophet Adam (as) [PDF]
  • Prophet Adam and Eve [PDF]
  • Prophet Ayyub (as) [PDF]
  • Prophet Ayyub (as) by Kamal al-Syyed [PDF]
  • Prophet Hud (as) [PDF]
  • Prophet Hud (as) by Kamal al-Syyed [PDF]
  • Prophet Ibrahim (as) [PDF]
  • Prophet Ibrahim (as) by Kamal al-Syyed [PDF]
  • Prophet Idris (as) [PDF]
  • Prophet Isa (as) [PDF]
  • Prophet Ismail (as) [PDF]
  • Prophet Ismail (as) by Kamal al-Syyed [PDF]
  • Prophet Lut (as) by Kamal al-Syyed [PDF]
  • Prophet Musa (as) [PDF]
  • Prophet Noah (as) [PDF]
  • Prophet Salih (as) [PDF]
  • Prophet Salih (as) by Kamal al-Syyed [PDF]
  • Prophet Shuayb (as) by Kamal al-Syyed [PDF]
  • Prophet Uzair (as) by Kamal al-Syyed [PDF]
  • Prophet Yahya (as) [PDF]
  • Prophet Yaqub (as) [PDF]
  • Prophet Yunus (as) [PDF]
  • Prophet Yunus (as) by Kamal al-Syyed [PDF]
  • Prophet Yusuf (as) [PDF]
  • Prophet Yusuf (as) by Kamal al-Syyed [PDF]
  • Prophet Zakariya (as) [PDF]
  • Prophets Dawud and Sulayman (as) by Kamal al-Syyed [PDF]
  • Saul and Goliath [PDF]
  • Stories of the Prophets by S. Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi [PDF]
  • The Life and Tales of Prophet Adam by S. Abdul-Sahib al-Hasani al-Amili [PDF]
  • The Story of Taloot and Jaloot by Kamal al-Syyed[PDF]
  • Words of the Word of God by Dr. Muhammad Legenhausen [PDF]

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