• A Gift for the Youth by S. Shabeeb Rizvi [PDF]
  • Adolescence by Association of Imam Mahdi (atfs) [PDF]
  • Dua Before Class [PDF]
  • Dua for Increase in Knowledge [PDF]
  • Dua for Memory and Speech [PDF]
  • Duas for Students [PDF]
  • Exemplary Youths during the Early Days of Islam by Muhammad Ali Chanarani [PDF]
  • Fifty Lessons on Principles of Belief for Youths by Sh. Nasir Makarem Shirazi [PDF]
  • For a Better Future by Sh. Abdul Adheem al-Bahrani [PDF] – Alternate [PDF]
  • From Resolution to Revolution by S. Moustafa al-Qazwini [PDF]
  • Guiding the Youth of the New Generation by Sh. Murtadha Mutahhari [PDF]
  • Islamic Laws of Computer & Internet by S. Muhammad Saeed al-Hakeem [PDF]
  • Jawahir al-Hikmah [PDF]
  • Monotheism for Young Adults by Nayerreh Tavassoli[PDF]
  • Pithy Aphorisms Wise Sayings and Counsels by S. Ruhollah Khomeini [PDF]
  • Portraits of Youth in the Quran and the History of Islam by Ali Dawani [PDF]
  • Religious Dialogues by S. Abdul Hadi Mohammad Taqi al-Hakim [PDF]
  • Religious Education of the Younger Generation by Zakir [PDF]
  • Restraining Sexual Desires by S. Hasan al-Abtahi [PDF]
  • Rights of Parents by Sh. Ibrahim Amini [PDF]
  • Sexual Problems of Youths by Sh. Nasir Makarem Shirazi [PDF]
  • Sileh Rahim by S. Muhammad Husaini [PDF]
  • Simplified Islamic Laws for Youth and Young Adults by S. Ali al-Sistani [PDF]
  • Supplications for Success in Exams, Job, Good Health, Business Compiled by [PDF]
  • Tahrim Halq al-Lihyah [Unlawfulness of the Shaving of the Beard] by Sh. Murtadha al-Baghdadi [PDF]
  • The Solution to a Hundred Problems by S. Abid Hussain Zaidi [PDF]
  • We Must Always Go to the Source of the Problem by Sh. Nasir Makarem Shirazi [PDF]
  • Youth & Morals by S. Mujtaba Musawi Lari [PDF]
  • Youth & Spouse Selection by Sh. Ali Akbar Mazaheri [PDF]

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