Fiction and Stories

  • 100 Moral Stories by Akramallah Syed [PDF] – Alternate [PDF]
  • 40 Sufi Comics by Arif & Ali[PDF]
  • 83 Stories from the Life of Ayatollah Khomeini by Foundation of the Representation of the Office of Spiritual Leadership in Universities [PDF]
  • A Beautiful String of Incidents in the Life of the Holy Prophet by Islamic Mobility [PDF] – Alternate [PDF]
  • A Gift by Roozi Talab [PDF]
  • An Encounter at the Hospital by S. Amina al-Sadr [PDF]
  • Anecdotes from the Lives of the 14 Ma’sumeen by alBalagh Foundation[PDF]
  • Anecdotes of Pious Men by Sh. Murtadha Mutahhari [PDF]
  • Anecdotes of Reflection – Part 1 [PDF] – Part 2 [PDF] – Part 3 [PDF] Compiled by S. Ali Akber Sadaaqat
  • Anecdotes of the Ahlul-Bayt by Sh. Murtadha Mutahhari [PDF]
  • Bilal’s Bedtime Stories – Part 1 [PDF] – Part 2 [PDF] – Part 3 [PDF] by Ahmed H. Shariff
  • Encounter at the Hospital by S. Amina al-Sadr [PDF]
  • Eternal Manifestations: 80 Stories from the life of Allamah Tabatabai [PDF]
  • Excellent Stories [PDF]
  • Fascinating Discourses of Fourteen Infallibles by Jawad Qazilbash [PDF]
  • Friendly Letters by S. Amina al-Sadr [PDF]
  • Hayatul Qulub – Vol. 1 – Stories of the Prophets Compiled by Sh. Muhammad Baqir al-Majlisi [PDF]
  • Heavenly Warrant by Sadeq Musavi Garmaroodi [PDF]
  • In Pursuance of the Sun by Jamaluddin Hejazi [PDF]
  • In Search of Truth by S. Amina al-Sadr [PDF]
  • Interesting True Stories of Ulamaa [PDF]
  • Islamic Stories by Kids Collection [PDF]
  • Left on a Journey Compiled by S. Mahdi Shojaie [PDF]
  • Lessons from the Lives of Our Ulema by Islamiclaws Ulamaa [PDF]
  • Martyrdom at the Prayer Niche by Mohammad Reza Hakimi [PDF]
  • Moral Stories For Kids by Ahmed H. Sheriff [PDF]
  • Rays from the life of Imam Hasan bin Ali (as) by al-Balagh Foundation[PDF]
  • Saul and Goliath [PDF]
  • Short Interesting Stories by S. Amina al-Sadr [PDF]
  • Stories from the Chosen Ones by M. H. Shahri [PDF]
  • Stories of Bahlool by Kubra Jafri [PDF]
  • Stories of the Prophets by S. Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi [PDF]
  • Story of Sacrifice by Naba Organization [PDF]
  • Story of the Holy Ka’aba and its People by Muhammad R. Shabbar [PDF]
  • The Beauty of Charity by Ahmed Ali alKuwaity [PDF]
  • The Coins of Victory by Mostafa Rahmandoust [PDF]
  • The Gardener of the Gardens of Tawheed by S. Sadeq Musavi Garmaroodi [PDF]
  • The Moral Stories – Bahlool, the Wise or Insane by Ahmed H. Shariff [PDF]
  • The Narratives of Veracious by Sh. Murtadha Mutahhari – Part 1 [PDF] – Part 2 [PDF]
  • The Second Growth [PDF]
  • The Spring of Light by Hosein Fakhari [PDF]
  • The Story of Shima by Abdol-Vadoud [PDF]
  • The Tradition of Kindness [PDF]
  • The True Stories by S. Abdul-Husayn Dastghaib Shirazi [PDF]
  • Tranquil Heart, Forty-three Recollections of Ayatollah Khomeini Relating to Prayers [PDF]
  • Two Women and a Man by S. Amina al-Sadr [PDF]
  • Ulama’s Contact with the Living Imam (atfs) by Islamiclaws Ulamaa [PDF]
  • Uswat al-Aarifeen by Sh. Muhammad Taqi Bahjat [PDF]
  • Virtue Prevails by S. Amina al-Sadr [PDF]
  • Visitation on the Shore by Nayerreh Rouhi [PDF]

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